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Your support of GWB helps promote humanitarian applications of geophysics around the globe.
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Geoscientists without Borders Support Fund

GWB projects support global communities in need by utilizing applications of geoscience knowledge and technology, while ensuring long-term sustainability within the impacted community by engaging the next generation of geoscientists. Project grants and the development and implementation of the program are all supported by the GWB Support Fund.

Many of the world's most pressing humanitarian issues fall into categories where geoscientists can make significant contributions because of their unique and advanced knowledge about the Earth. These issues include Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH); food security; disaster risk reduction (landslides, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes) and environmental and cultural conservation. Please visit to learn more about the world-wide impact of this humanitarian program.
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Geoscientists without Borders Support Fund - Endowment

GWB projects support global communities in need by utilizing applications of geoscience knowledge and technology.
Community improvements have been demonstrated with earthquake preparedness, water management, tsunami preparedness, landslide preparedness, pollution mitigation, volcano preparedness, habitat management, and archaeology. Help transform the lives of thousands of people in developing and vulnerable communities by making a gift to the program today. Please visit to learn more about the world-wide impact of this program.
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Michael C. Forrest Honorary Fund (GWB) - Endowment

The SEG Foundation has recently established honorary endowment funds to honor outstanding SEG colleagues who have made significant contributions to geophysics, the Society, and the oil and gas industry. The first Honorary Endowed Fund will be dedicated to Michael C. Forrest for his lifelong leadership and contributions in these areas.
Mike has chosen the Geoscientists Without Borders (GWB) program as the beneficiary for his named honorary endowed fund - the Michael C. Forrest Honorary Endowed Fund. Please join the many others who are honoring Mike with a gift to the GWB endowment today. Matching funds for this campaign are currently available for individual donors.
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What's the difference between an endowment and a non-endowed gift?


Funds are to be invested and the earnings are to be spent according to the board designated annual spending rate.


Funds are to be used for operating and programmatic expenditures and are received with the intent of being spent within twelve to twenty-four months of receipt.

Development Reinvestiment Fee

In accordance with SEG Foundation policy, a Development Reinvestment Fee of 5% is assessed on donations of $500 or more to a restricted fund. This fee is used to support Foundation expenses associated with donor stewardship and fundraising. The entire donated amount, including the Development Reinvestment Fee, is considered a charitable donation to the SEG Foundation. Thank you!

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